Finally finally

My sew mojo has returned. It was probably hidden away in the back room along with the bags of clutter fabric. Didn’t help that the foot control of my overlocker went AWOL while we were hanging out in Laos. After 3 weeks of fruitless searching I succumbed and ordered a new one. The down side of leaving a group of teens to turn our house into party central housesit while we were away.

I’m taking part in a toddler clothing swap with a group of friends so first up were a few items to help fill the box for start-up. I had forgotten how to sew…after countless attempts (including totally unpicking the garment) the first effort ended up thrown in a corner and I went back to an old favourite.

One wee tunic/top dress. Looked so cute on Alice (aka MissFinn) that it was tempting to keep it.

Next up were some hats. I’d gotten carried away when making hats for my lot and had lots of fun experimenting with different patterns and fabrics.  I was really wanting cosy hank knitted hats but with arriving home to the depths of winter and needing then NOW knitting wasn’t an option. I knew there was a reason to my madness, that my stash of fabrics would come in handy when one’s sewing urge is up and running in the early hours of the morning.

I find making hats to be very addictive. I play with the pattern, alter the pattern, try different fabric combinations, I even recycled some old t-shirts and woollen jumpers. I’m finding that cute hats  breed fast in this house especially now that the teens and young adults have rummaged through the fabric stash and  put in their orders.

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